Thin Place

The Keltic believed that the distance between here and the underworld was 3-feet, but in some places – Thin Places – the distance was much closer. That underworld is not what we might think of as hell. But instead, the invisible realm of Heaven. A thin place is where Heaven and Earth meet. These references point symbolize for us that heaven is within our reach.

Where do these invisible realms exist. The one we know the best is our imagination. We also know that dreams exist as an invisible realm. Usually we speak of dreams in the terms of what we desire. When we are literally dreaming, we know we are in this invisible realm. Our imagination on the other hand can be manipulated by our ego. It can be used to produce nightmares. Nightmares that affect our day-to-day operation. We have a power to access our beliefs and discern a path to realizing our dreams. When we look at the details, however, we find the devil. The point of entrance for our ego to turn our imagination against our dreams. We can fixate on the negative. Decide that our situation is much worse than it really is because of a detail that might not align with our dream.

We get scared. We decide that detail alone has the power to send us off course and insure our failure.

Wow. You fucking psycho path. There is more than one shot. It’s a numbers game. “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Let go. Discern the paths. Don’t try to control the paths. Listen don’t talk. Experience, don’t over think. Feel it out. That’s all you’re doing. You’re just following a dream. And, you’ll never be able to follow it if you spend all that time thinking about night mares that don’t exist.

You are correct, though… Hell is also within your reach. But, that’s not where you want to go. As is with mountain biking: Look where you want to go. If you look at a tree, you’ll surely hit a tree. The underworld, or other world, or invisible world contains heaven and hell. You are currently in purgatory. Whichever way you set your eyes you will end up.

Your minds eye doesn’t want to look to hell. Your heart wants to lead you to heaven… Open heart, open mind… A closed mind will look to hell where an open mind will look to the abundance of the heavens. It seems that mind and the heart must be aligned. I do not yet know the process for how one or the other closes or opens. But, it does seem that both must be open for me to find acceptance in the mundane. They must both be open for me to find acceptance in not being where I want to be. But, there’s something else – some kind of drive – belief or a spirit that seems to keep pushing me even when I am not open. When I am closed, I cannot deny the essence of the push.

Maybe the thin place is us – You – the individual.

Where I am at right now SUCKS. It could be worse. I know that. But, man does it suck. I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. Which isn’t crazy. I’m not a morning person. I stay up late (it’s 11:55pm, right now and I probably won’t go to bed for at least another hour) and still think I can get up at a decent hour – because I feel the push. I’ll snooze and feel guilty about it. But there’s no reason to do that. When I do get up and get going. I am fucking productive lately. I’m probably tired from the productivity.

The problem is nearly everything I am doing tomorrow is in preparation for later. The “paycheck comes later” I adopted back in 2009. Which is fine when you have a paycheck that is coming tomorrow. I do have one coming next week. That will be great. But, it’s not consistent. So, all this work that I am doing is taking up time. I want it to take up my time. However, the bill collectors won’t take IOU’s from me. So, I need to go find something to pay me today.

The thin place within me is chaotic to say the least. It’s like both heaven and hell are knocking on both sides and Purgatory is shaking in its boots. So, its time to let go of the longterm dreams that are not fulfilling the short term. So that the dreams of the short-term can fulfill the dreams of the long term.

The path to heaven is a staircase. You can only take one step at a time.

What’s the next step?

I am going to need to enter my thin place and look for it. In other words, I will need to discern through meditation.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

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