People don’t need assistants. They need guides. For those called to the marketplace, embarking on the journey of a lifetime, we serve as your beacon of hope. This blog serves as that guiding light to freedom and prosperity. Some of our writing is purposely confusing. All writings are based on a kernel of truth and serve to lead you to your own truth, for your own company, and for your own life.

Jeff Donnelly quite literally fell into Satori Ventures when he was asked to provide social media consulting services. Jeff’s passion wasn’t social media. His passion was influencing people to make the best decision. His entrepreneurial spirit told him that consulting would provide him with the knowledge necessary for building his dream company. So, he dove in and formed Satori Ventures, doing business as SATORImedia. It was here that Jeff found Satori.

Social media provided a way for Jeff to get his foot in the door with small businesses. However, to do the job correctly he would ultimately need to provide management consulting. This allowed Jeff to better understand the psyche of entrepreneurs. The lessons learned will provide you with invaluable insights to finding success in the marketplace. It is here that we will share our way of thinking to:

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