Meaning: You ARE One with The Universe.

You are one with the universe. The Gurus present this fact as if it were some kind of deep revelation. They seem to believe that if they repeat the same mantras, it will become cliché. You know where the word cliche originated, right? It’s the distinct sound of a rivet gun installing or binding one material to another material. The guru believes that when you hear the sound of this string of words as distinctly as they do, that you will simply… Wake up!

They think you’re asleep. You’re not. And, if you were asleep this noise they spew won’t wake you up. Something so intuitive as “you are one with the universe” will never snap you out of the state you are in. You are in a place between sleeping and awake. You are dreaming. Intuition is already running on all cylinders while your thought patterns resist your natural ability to simply open your eyes, take a deep breath, and look at your existence. Your thought – whether you call it dreams, or strategies, or visions, or analysis – is also a natural ability akin to intuition. And so, you are constantly playing a game of tug of war. This game of tug of war is the ego. Or some may call your deamon. It rises to the surface and plays games with us. So, the guru tries to remind you of your intuition in times where you are stuck in the game of tug of war. So that your intuition can align and work together to co-create the future that you desire. Worrying about something that does not exist prevents us from realizing the excitement life has offered us in our ability to co-create in every moment we share.

The problem the guru has is one of numbers. Audibly projecting “You are one with the universe.” Requires that the receiver be in a state of condition where the acoustics resonate a recall to the feeling of intuition, thought, and reality aligning in the exact same moment.

You do “wake-up.” You just may not realize that you are the guru when you are awake. You know the feeling:

You look around for a moment and realize that you were capable of coming to a place in some time and some place where your dreaming finally took you to where you wanted to go. It seems everyone is chasing and yearning for this feeling. All the people in this post-modern, digital soup of anxiety – well most of the people I meet in Seattle – LOVE to Hike. They can’t get enough of it. They love to get out there and… post it on Instagram. But, they are also doing what? They love to “disconnect.”

This is precisely where we are guilty of deceiving ourselves. I am not trying to make the argument for why nature is better than technology. Both are vitally important for our progression while both could be the cause of impending doom. Instead I want you to think of them as a yin and yang of our time. Both possessing the ability to disconnect and connect human experience. When you feel nature – feel positively in nature, You are not disconnecting! You are connecting. If we take this word, “disconnect” literally in our digital age, then yes: your nose may be disconnected from a laptop or a screen and your hands may be free of QWERTY. But, that’s not what we mean when we say we are disconnecting – there’s more to it. We are disconnecting from the troubles of “the world.” The world that we have created for ourselves. The world that only exists as a construct in our mind.

When you are connected, truly connected, you are in alignment. And, you get addicted to being in alignment. Suddenly, not being in alignment – connected to “the world” – feels wrong. You get addicted to the feeling of power. The woo-woo’s would say that you have aligned your vibration. And, they would be right. You know they’re right, because you feel it. You feel right down through the bones and into a space, maybe it’s a crevice or a container that has finally opened. And you access this space you feel fully open to all possibility. And, you feel RELIEF. You have accomplished so much by simply doing nothing! By simply walking through the woods. The ability to release yourself from the construct of the world is a powerful and expansive feeling. Of course you’re vibrating!

Now when the guru says: “You are one with the universe.” Picture yourself in that moment where you truly felt one with the universe. When you unabashedly, fully accepted every bit of what it means to exist in exactly the place you are at exactly the moment that you got there. Now, realize that you don’t have to walk through the woods to get to that place again. You are already there. Right here. Right Now. This is you, one with the universe.

This is you connecting with your true nature. You are balancing your systems of intuition and thought. So that we can learn to not worry about the future and instead learn to discern our next step. You are balancing them so well, that you are not questioning. You know that it is true. You know your thoughts have resisted to allow you to accept happiness – to accept your true desire.

Why? Why have you allowed this to be so? Because you think you have already discerned the path to your desire. Instead of discerning each step along the path – putting one foot in front of the other – not realizing that detours are okay. And, it’s not your fault! Your thoughts – tugging at your intuitive nature – have disconnected you from true desire.

The only true desire is the desire you have right now. You don’t need to worry about the desire you will have in the future – it does not exist yet. Remember, the other cliche: “It’s not about the destination, its about the journey.” Well this is only half true. Because the journey has many destinations along the way! Haha. None of which, take you away from the universe. They only expand your world so that you may come to understand that:

You are one with the universe.

Don’t create a world that disconnects you from your true potential.

You are not one with that world. There you are the only one within the world. Now, that’s a lonely place to be. And as my favorite quote states, “Man was not made for himself alone.”

You are one with the universe.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

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