I don’t believe in your god.

I have yet to meet anyone – or read anyone’s work, or watch a YouTube video from – that can explain God in the way that I understand he exists. I do fully understand the concepts of the divine feminine and the masculine “Creator” as being equal archetypes of the same thing. I understand that our consciousness is non-dualistic and that we have the ability to will both non-dual and dualistic expression of our consciousness. Maybe that’s where I lose you. Where my God is greater than yours, because you don’t have the audacity to realize that your brain can only comprehend the symbolic representation for which you believe to be the biggest thing possible.

When I say I do not believe in your god, I am saying that we all believe in different gods. Yet, there is only one God. You must remember this. This is the key. When someone refers to God as the Universe, this is a materialistic notion that there cannot be anything larger than the entire universe. Someone whose vocabulary states the name “Universe” as representing their God can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that everything, which comprises the Universe came from nothing. Absolutely nothing. The absence of anything somehow created something. If that does not blow your mind, you need to think a little harder.

When something appears out of thin air, we call that “magic.” Everything – Every single thing you can conceive from an electron to a universe came from a place where thin-air is non existent. These words that I am writing are non existent. Now, here’s the interesting thing.

Everyone I talk to, that don’t believe there is even a notion of a god, agree with me on one thing. the Big Bang theory is probably correct. BUT, not one of them knows the answer to this question:

Do you know who created the Big Bang Theory?

No one, absolutely no one guesses that it was:

A Catholic Priest.

Which I elaborate and say that, he was able to theorize it because it did not go against his beliefs.

Now, living in a city that is very liberal and leftist I can understand that people have a problem with Christianity because its symbolism is shrouded in gender biases. I get it.

At least, I get it from an abstract vantage point. As soon as I try to articulate my understanding in a prologue of symbolism that the symbol itself clouds the expression I really mean – the one I can see in my minds eye. I almost wonder if it’s worth trying to write about it because as soon as I try to codify it’s wrong. Because it can only be truly expressed through nature. Instead I can only give a vague attempt at describing what I see in nature. One can never truly codify nature in written or spoken word. It itself is the breath that makes word possible. And therefore the possibilities for how nature may be described are endless. And all are false.

My ex-girlfriend, who was an ex-catholic asked if the symbolism needed to be masculine gender. I thought about that for a while – it was a great question. I always loved her questions – she was so feminine in her nature. What I mean by that is that she was able to judge situations based on temperament. Rather than a masculine judgement based on analysis. She could feel into her divine feminine and show me paths that I would never have seen as a logical observer of nature. For us, it was like the masculine was quantitative data collector and the feminine was qualitative data. So feminine that she could not even find the words to express herself qualitatively. But, when she could find the words, it was clear that her understanding far surpassed any recordable data point.

The divine feminine – to the sensory of the masculine nature – is a phenomenon of utter catastrophe and bliss at exactly the same time. It is the most psychoactive state man will ever realize, until they die. When I say this, I use the word man to mean masculine and which means the word woman means feminine. This means, also, that non-binary people do exist and have existed since the beginning of time. The majority has also experienced being non-binary as a child. And, again when they become one when joined with an equal opposite natured partner. Which would mean that, it is possible for the genders to be reversed, however the whole story would need to change.

For example, if the male is the feminine: the penis would not penetrate the masculine woman. Instead, the masculine woman’s vagina would need to either suck or somehow engross the the penis. This is because the masculine is the doer and the feminine is the experience. So the masculine would still need to do something in order to pierce the vail of nature and create something to happen.

This means that no one is pure feminine. There has to be a part of a females nature that is also masculine in nature. Meaning they go out into a nature that is outside of themselves and interact with it. The female always interacts with someone who is less or more masculine than they are, and vice versa. We as un pure humans want to find balance. That kind of harmony we barely recall having in our infancy.

My God is the one true god. You can never take that away from me, because only I have the imagination to believe in an ever expanding infinite state that contains the state you and I perceive to be reality. Only I see what I see. Just as only you see what you see. We do not believe in the same God. However, that does not mean we cannot agree that there is only one God. And, whoever he is – the state of something greater than everything – is the only one.

Below him can be found gods. Maybe you believe in one of them. I believe they all exist. I can see them. Hell, I’ve even created a few. But, they will never be the god that I worship. The God I worship, you will know. Whether or not we agree on our belief of how he is comprised doesn’t change the fact that we both know one true God. He just appears to us in different manners.

God is that great.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

Author: Jeff Donnelly

Game Designer. In both business and life, the potential is limited by the number of transactions available. Life is like a game. Jeff designs games that allow people to realize their full potential.

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