Follow Your Passion.

Have you ever noticed that no one tells you how to “follow your passion?” Have you also noticed that the people spreading this rumor never seemed to have taken the advice? Well that’s because most people do indeed follow their passions. Most, however, do not find their passion in a career.

I’m not convinced that we really know how to define passion. According to Mariam-Webster, the word has many definitions. Almost as if passion can be found in multiple states of consciousness. It can be the event of Jesus dying, it can be a measurement of external forces, an emotion of anger or love or affection, sexual, or the object of desire.

We seem to be full of passion. We have so many interests and hobbies; How do you choose one? How do you know what your passion is? That answer might be found in one of my top passions.

I have a thirst for knowledge. Not the kind of knowledge where I can rattle off facts. I don’t want to be so specialized that I can’t understand the macro level of society. I don’t want to be smart. I want to be wise. I want to know the deep truths that are not dependent on conditional factors. The deep truths are often overlooked. Often, they are labeled as common knowledge. These fundamentals, however, should not be confused with common sense.

Where you seek wisdom is where you find true passion. The kind where all four (4) plus definitions of the word “passion” make sense.

Don’t follow a passion. Follow your truth and look for wisdom.