Breaking News: Man Finds News He Watches to Not Be Newsworthy.

So, this guy turned on the news channel, knowing it was “entertainment”, expecting it to report the news…

I know this because he then turned to Facebook to report about his discovery – that the news channel was not the news. In a way that suggested his news was newsworthy, others chimed in to let him know that his report was valid. Some also reported back that they often check the reports from the news channel to validate their news was indeed newsworthy.

When I read this news, I did not find it newsworthy. I found it to be lacking objectivity, as the reporter did not understand the times. His own report of the news contradicted the belief he held – that the news channel was entertainment.

Yet, I do wonder: do these people understand that they create the news and they too suck at reporting news? Do they see their opinion to be a reflection of the(ir) times?

I am turning to this blog to report that the news is not always opined to be newsworthy. The news is entertaining for some. For others, the news does not meet their expectations and is therefore not entertaining. In these times we report on news when we do not enjoy the news we receive. Our opinion validates the news’ worthiness.

The reporting you seek is a reflection of you. Your opinion of the news will always determine the objectivity of your news.

Just… Have a look in the mirror.

If not in the physical mirror, then Facebook has provided you a virtual one.

He neglected to answer the question I posed. Instead, clicking like to conceal his validation of my news that the world we consume is a reflection of us.