Busy is the New Lazy.

Are You Too Busy for Business?

Busy work is a perception. For many of the entrepreneurs I meet, this concept of being busy is posed with negative discourse. There seems to be a correlation between an individual’s self-assessment of the work performed and the actual result in productivity. Within that correlation, the output is dependent on the entrepreneur’s priorities. The most productive people I know would never think that the concept of being busy constitutes as an acceptable excuse for limiting performance.

There are a number of effective methods and tools for increasing productivity. So many so there are blogs dedicated solely to the subject. Yet with all this information floating around for the taking, many entrepreneurs struggle to grasp the one fundamental truth that must be surpassed. If you’re wondering if you’ve learned this truth or not – maybe you need to hear this message as well:

You’re the Problem.

Once you can look in the mirror and say, “I’m the problem,” you are ready to begin your journey toward success.